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“It gave a tremendous level of self-confidence, that through exploration and learning one could understand seemingly very complex things in one’s environment.” – Steve Jobs

Computing is innovative and inspiring. With teachers hosting Teachmeet and learning from STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) specialists, subject leads ensure children have high quality experiences.

With green screening, Oxbot, Junior Scratch and our STEM opportunities, children apply IT skills throughout the key stage. We have ‘Teach Computing’ as a skeleton resource to support Teaching & Learning and we engage with ‘Project Evolve’ for online safety.



The school has hugely invested in devices and has a computing suite with 20 computers and an interactive whiteboard. Each classroom is also equipped with a computer and interactive whiteboard which is used by the children to support their work in computing. The work covered is of a cross-curricular nature and includes word processing, graphics and design, data handling/interrogation, programming, control and simulations – even designing their own app!

In addition, children learn specific computing skills such as electronic communication techniques and the ability to use the internet to access relevant information to enhance their learning. We encourage the responsible use of the internet and computing. The school subscribes to the EMBC network and all access to the internet is filtered to a high security level.

Online Safety is planned for in all year groups and includes lesson work, assemblies and communication with families. ‘Digital Parenting’ resources and online safety messages are shared with parents and children regularly.  

Computing (STEM) Statement

Computing Progression Map

Computing Policy

Summary Intent Implementation Impact



Computing @ Brockwell End Points include:

Children have developed computational thinking and reasoning skills.

Children are equipped to succeed in the digital world.

Children will develop an acute awareness of the dangers faced in the digital world and have the necessary skills to deal with these appropriately.



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