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Uniform shows that each person is part of our Brockwell community. Wearing it suggests we all belong here together.When we wear uniform with pride, we show an enthusiasm for being respectful – one of our five school values.

We hope it gives children a sense of belonging – every child matters – and creates an identity for the school in the community. We also anticipate that wearing a uniform encourages children to take pride in their appearance, preparing them for when they leave school and may have to dress smartly or wear a uniform in the work place. 

Dress Code

Our school uniform consists of black shoes, white polo shirt / shirt, grey trousers or skirt / pinafore and navy blue jumper, school fleece or cardigan. For PE children wear a plain white T-Shirt, navy shorts and a school tracksuit. Children may change into trainers for break times if they choose to play sports.

Uniform, including PE kit, other than from high street suppliers (and with school logo) is available from:   

OR   (Tracksuits and Leggings)


Electronic Devices, Mobile Phones and Smart Watches

Internet access is filtered at school for safety and staff carefully select apps used on school devices. Electronic devices, mobile phones and smart watches are not allowed in school and will be confiscated if seen. They will be returned at the end of the school day. If a child needs to bring a mobile phone for use after school, then it should be given to the main office for safekeeping during the school day. School accepts no responsibility for valuable items in school.


For reasons of safety and security, jewellery is limited to a small stud in each ear and a watch. Any other form of piercings—lips, eyebrows, noses,
tongues, navels etc are inappropriate and unsafe in a busy school environment and are therefore not allowed.

Parent Feedback

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