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Headteacher Welcome

Dear Parents and Carers,

You want the best for your child so the school you select is most important.

Excellent schooling isn’t just about our high professional standards and academic achievement. It’s also about developing character, balancing the academic and pastoral, enjoying learning and equipping your child with knowledge, skills and confidence ready for the next phase.

Children come first at Brockwell. 

Working with parents as our partners, we aim to meet the needs of all children. Our success is built on a climate of positive discipline and respect, whereby the well-being of each child is at the heart of everything the schools achieves.

I extend a warm welcome and invite you to visit us. Come and experience the caring, fantastic atmosphere in our school and see that smiles, warmth and a love of learning are the norm and not the exception.

We look forward to meeting you soon.

Miss Catherine Holmes



Our Aims & Values


To provide a safe, caring and happy environment where everyone wants to come and give their best, knowing that mistakes are part of the learning journey.

To encourage everyone to embrace our values of kindness, honesty, responsibility, respect and determination.

To promote healthy lifestyles, develop resilience and an awareness of personal safety.


Plan and deliver an inclusive, challenging curriculum that inspires, generates curiosity and provides opportunities to secure new skills and knowledge.

To guide children to make positive choices for learning and development.

To provide everyone with the opportunity to become involved in the life of the school and the wider community.

To promote partnership between home and school.


To provide effective, innovative staff who are committed to delivering high standards across the school.

To ensure maximum progress and excellent outcomes so that each child realises their potential.

To promote the physical, spiritual, cultural, social and moral development of all pupils.

To provide the opportunity for all children to develop the social and academic skills they need for an ever changing life in modern Britain.

Our staff

Senior Leadership Team


Miss C. A. Holmes


Mrs E. Crutchley

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Cooper

Senior Teacher

Mr D. Power

Senior Teacher

Our Mission

In partnership with parents, the whole school will deliver excellence at all levels with a clear mission to be Safe, Smile & Succeed.

Upcoming Events

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Parent Feedback

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